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Before I met Holly I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and couldn’t understand why I had zero will power when it came to eating in moderation and making the right food choices. Holly was really gentle and approachable when it came to me describing my problems to her. I had the course of four hypno gastric band sessions as well as a therapy session before this began. Holly made me feel very welcome at the beginning of every session and had a wealth of knowledge around nutrition, the subconscious mind and health conditions which also really helped me. She made it clear that I was able to email or call her with any queries in between appointments and provided me with some recordings of her hypnosis that I listened to a few times a week.

Since starting my sessions with Holly I have completely changed my attitude to food, I make more sensible choices and am in tune with my body and I now know when to stop eating. These changes have all resulted in me losing weight, being relaxed around food and being a much happier person.

Thank you Holly!

Name E.L. West Sussex.

I suffer from arthritis and have an extremely painful back, which, I have recently been informed, will require surgery ‘at some point’.

I was initially rather sceptical when Holly suggested hypnotherapy to assist me with managing my pain, especially my back pain.   However, I agree to try.

I was pleasantly surprised (a) that I was susceptible to hypnotherapy – I relaxed very quickly, and (b) the technique which Holly instilled became very helpful to me when I was suffering from pain.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment for my pain management which I can only recommend.   Holly has given me a CD of our last session, which I can use at home, and this is also extremely helpful.

Name V.M. Gardner, Upper Beeding, West Sussex.

I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Holly, which I found most relaxing. These sessions normally lasted about an hour.

I found her voice very calming, which took me off into a very calm state.

After the session I would feel incredibly relaxed and a little spaced out. I would always have a little nap afterwards.

All in all a very pleasurable and relaxing experience.

Name S.Dainton – Henfield. West Sussex.


I found the work Holly did with me was fantastic.

I liked the ‘Anchor’, she taught me and it helped me to bring in positive thoughts, especially if I feel negative or low.

Her teachings have been easy to weave into my life and I feel happier in myself now.

Name L.Bigwood – Billingshurst. West Sussex.

I am a regular client of Holly Simmonds and from the outset of our professional relationship I felt instantly at ease with her, she has a very warm & friendly demeanour.

This really enabled the necessary trust relationship needed with a therapist to be established very easily. I received a professional & thorough consultation with Holly and was very easily put into a hypnotic state, the results of her services have been truly amazing, life changing and transformational for me and I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much!*****

Name L.Wilkinson. Haywards Heath.


Thank you so much Holly.

It is so nice to see her having made such progress and there is such a marked improvement, and she looks so confident. The way in which she approached her exams was amazing and made us so proud. It is a joy to watch her with her shoulders back and how much more interactive she is with her friends.

Name L.R. Steyning. West Sussex.

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