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Person Centred Therapy – Talking Therapy or Hypno-NLP

Person Centred Therapy & Hypno-NLP


My approach to Person Centred Therapy – Talking Therapy on its own or in combination with Hypno-NLP, takes a personal and holistic approach when dealing with the problems you have come to see me about.

Each session lasts for between an hour, but up to an hour and a half, and at the beginning of the initial session, we will spend time talking about your background, what your problems are and how we are going to deal with them together.

We will also talk about what your aim and end long-term goal is, because although we are all different, we all want to work towards something, even if other issues need redressing first.

As I said, each person is different, but I would generally see each client for between 6 – 10 sessions over a period of quite a few months, dependant of course on the nature of the issues we are working with.

Our subconscious mind, which is our minds “filing cabinet”, shapes each and every one of us as an individual and defines who we are. It also builds our beliefs, ideals and values. These beliefs, ideals and values have been taught to us by the people around us, and by the years of conditioning and nurturing we received as children, teenagers and again on into adulthood.

If during our childhood we received lots of love and positive nurturing, with little or no negative input and no major upsets or upheavals, we should mature into well-balanced, confident and happy individuals. But the reality is, that although we may get the love and nurturing we need, it is unlikely we will get through our early years completely unscathed.  It’s a fact that things happen during the course of our over that we have no control of.  Few people are lucky enough to have a “perfect” childhood, so any minor and in some instances major ups and downs or incidents, not only contribute to making us who we are today, but may be causing us some underlying problems that we do not fully understand, or feel able to deal with on our own.  All this is perfectly normal by the way.

Experiencing negative situations or being subjected to harmful, distasteful or sometimes abusive events no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem at the time, can have a knock on effect on our emotional well being long term.  These events from an adult perspective would be easily manageable, but when we are younger and in our formative years they sometimes take on more meaning and we can become “gummed up”, therefore the emotions relating to the event get filed away in our subconscious, becoming stuck and part of a negative mindset or lay dormant until something acts as a trigger, or catalyst to fire them up.

These negative inputs may cause us to end up hating ourselves, or become depressed, anxious, phobic, or unwell. They may lead to us having food issues, such as overeating, weight gain, weight loss, or general eating disorders. It may also mean we have a complete lack of self-worth or self-esteem, or we may think we are no good at anything and completely lack self-confidence.

When emotions are repressed and we find we can’t work through them they stay with us, and so many of the problems we face as teenagers or in adulthood stem from our formative years, and what we have stored in the subconscious “filing cabinet” of our minds.

Eventually these filed away emotions may manifest themselves as anxiety, stress, phobias, anger, depression, weight issues, over eating, Chronic Fatigue, ME, panic attacks, obsessions and compulsions and even sleep disorders. They may also lead us to view the world, and how we think the world views us, in a negative or self destructive way.

Person Centred Therapy – Talking Therapy on its own or in combination with Hypno-NLP are gentle ways of getting to the root cause of these problems, dealing with them and helping you to walk down a positive path to a better and more optimistic life. So, don’t let your past hold you back from your future.

An analogy I like to use, is to think of our emotional symptoms as a bad cold. Once we’ve taken the right medicine and that cold has cleared up and gone, we feel so much better and don’t think about it anymore.

That’s just like coming to see me for Personal Talking Therapy or Hypnotherapy, because when we deal with the problem, it becomes a thing of the past, no longer affecting you and no longer mattering in the way in which it did.  Problems loose their power!!

It isn’t always an easy road to travel, but taking the untrodden path can be very liberating long term…

“Let me, help you, help yourself”….

Contact Holly…

Contact Holly on 07774 148285 or holly@westsussexpersonaltherapy.co.uk
for a confidential discussion about your symptoms or treatment.
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