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Hypno-Gastric Band Therapy Explained – The “Virtual” Gastric Band.

Will Hypno-Gastric Band Work for Me


Hypno-Gastric Band Personal Therapy is designed to help you lose between 1lb and 3lbs per week, whilst getting rid of the whole deprivation diet mentality, that will all to often sabotage your weight loss attempt.

Hypno-Gastric Band Personal Therapy follows a basic common sense approach allowing you to lose your excess weight effectively, safely and naturally, without having to overthink it, or having to consider the invasiveness of a Surgical Gastric Band Procedure.

The great thing about Hypno-Gastric Band, the “Virtual” Gastric Band Personal Therapy treatment, is that it is 100% safe.

It is also a fraction of the cost of physical bariatric surgery, having the added benefits of being a non-invasive hypnotherapy treatment, with no potential complications or side effects.

The Hypno-Gastric Band Personal Therapy procedure consists of four sessions plus two recordings, given after the first and third sessions, which you need to listen to between therapy sessions for positive reinforcement, aiding in your goal of maintainable and sustainable weight loss.

  • During the first session I will take down your medical history and we will look at what your diet consists of and if you take any form of exercise.
  • We will look at how you would like to eat and discuss introducing exercise into your life.
  • We will talk about what size you would like to be, ensuring that this is a realistic and achievable goal. You need to be able to picture yourself and how you would feel and look at your ideal goal.
  • We will also look to identify where you need to make changes; i.e. stop snacking, if you have a sweet tooth, or if you binge or comfort eat etc.

Before inducing our initial introduction to hypnosis, I will confirm that you are happy with everything we’ve discussed and that you are confident in following the plan and you will therefore lose weight.

Once the first session was concluded, we will book the next subsequent 2 sessions, unless prior booking of these appointments has been made.

In the second session you will be introduced to your virtual surgeon and anesthetist under hypnosis and by the third session you will have your Hypno-Gastric (Virtual) Band fitted.

If in depth analytical work needs to be completed, this is likely to take place between the second and third sessions.

The fourth session is used to reinforce the suggestions and to check that your Hypno-Gastric Band is working perfectly.

Contact Holly…

Contact Holly on 07774 148285 or holly@westsussexpersonaltherapy.co.uk

or at www.bloomsbury-clinic.com 

for a confidential discussion about your symptoms or treatment.

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