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Counselling For Depression.

Hynotherapy for Depression


Depression can affect each and every one of us at any time in our lives.  When events take a turn for the worse and our coping strategies stop working efficiently, this can lead us to feeling fed up, ‘depressed’, anxious and or lethargic.

However, there is a difference between the classification and cause of depression.

  • Reactive depression – is feeling depressed because something bad has happened.
  • Clinical depression – is an on-going, all consuming, deep routed feeling, that cannot be shaken off.

Clinical depression, like other psychological problems, tends to have a root cause, with sufferers withdrawing from their lives, ending up feeling helpless and isolated. This type of depression and subsequent isolation can lead to suicidal thoughts or self-harm.

There could be a single or cumulative events from your past that now influences your present mental state.  Feelings of being powerless, feelings of low self-esteem, having a lack of confidence, having a general negative outlook, or even having feelings of anxiety related to social interactions (Social Anxiety), can all aggravate the depressed state.

If any of what you have read resonates for you, please seek medical help.

How Counselling For Depression Can Help.

Counselling and on occasion the integration of Hypnotherapy into your treatment for depression, can improve and in some cases eliminate deep-seated depression for good.

If you have a history of depression then don’t suffer in silence – working together, we can help you to use your minds own therapeutic ability to resolve the emotions that are causing your depression.

Working with Counselling for depression aids in resolving negative emotions, works towards re-establishing your self-confidence and can enable you to feel positive again.

“Let me, help you, help yourself”….

Contact Holly…

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for a confidential discussion about your symptoms.
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