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The Readers Turn…

I would like to start by saying say how much I really do appreciate the feedback I get from my blog and Village Living Magazine readers about the articles I write. And as I sit here looking out of my kitchen window at the ever-changing autumn view in front of me, I ponder on what […]

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Stress & Trauma – How do they really affect us?

Whilst our minds don’t remember everything at a conscious level (there’s just too much information being taken in minute by minute), our subconscious mind, brain and our body really do “keep hold” of everything that has happened to us… I have just read an amazing book called The Body Keeps the Score by the psychologist […]

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What Makes You Feel Happy and Content?

Is it the sun? Is it more daylight? Listening to the birds singing their dawn chorus? (maybe not this one at 4.45am perhaps!!) Is it looking up at the sky and noticing the passing clouds? Is it your job or your family? Is it just being there for another human being? Is it looking around, […]

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Mobile Phones…… Good or Bad??

I have been taking more notice of one “habit” that I believe a lot of us suffer with; our constant interaction and our ever-increasing dependent relationships with our mobile phones. Instead of interacting with each other and those around us, we ignore each other, choosing instead to check our messages, emails and social media. We […]

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The Crutches of Daily Life…

Over the last month and ongoing for another few weeks, I have been privilege to an extensive amount of training by a charity I am hoping to work with. The training is around Drug & Alcohol dependency – one a “taboo” subject, unless given in prescriptive form and the other an “accepted” part of daily […]

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Taking “you time” isn’t a crime!

I’m not sure about you, and I know it’s “only” November, but I feel as though I’ve blinked and missed the time in between last Christmas and this. How come Christmas is nearly here again? I keep asking myself. I’m not ready… I keep saying to myself. So with Christmas on its merry way (it […]

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My Waistline Has Been Hijacked By My Hormones!!!

My Waistline Has Been Hijacked By My Hormones!!! A different topic this month – Hormones the reality! I don’t need confirmation to know that many woman who may be reading this – nodding their heads at the same time – will completely understand what I am going on about…. Hormones!! Pesky things that they are. […]

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Being A Super-Mum Or Super-Parent And The Stress That Comes With It…

It’s that time of year again. Regardless of how old your children are, as the school summer holidays approach, do you start to feel panicky, get excited or have a mixture of both?? Have your kids been doing exams and has the house been fraught with tension that will soon be over? (pending results). How […]

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The Mind & Body “Perception” Towards Health

The Body & Mind “Perception” Towards Health… I had a fascinating couple of hours over the last day or so, watching and listening to the research scientist Bruce Lipton. I have added the link for copying and pasting to his talks on The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet.     In a […]

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