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Control Your Own Destiny… With One-to-One Personal Therapy.




My Philosophy & Approach to Personal Therapy

1 in 5 people go to see their GP for emotional or mental health problems.

Many people struggle with feelings of being out of control emotionally, they may have relationship or family issues, feel anxious or “out of whack” , struggle with depression, or have other challenging difficulties.  Sometimes we don’t even realise there is an underlying problem until it hits us…

We’ve all been at on top of the world on occasion, but at other times we’ve probably also been at rock bottom…. that’s just part of everyday life, but sometimes it’s hard and that’s when we may need to talk to someone so they can give us a helping hand.

I know how hard it is to maintain a positive and mindful attitude, when life feels like an uphill struggle.

When you come and see me, you will be completely seen and heard…. you will be completely listened to as the individual you are…. and most importantly you will have support, empathy and understanding and we will take our time.

My experiences over the years, combined with my own ongoing personal therapy and continued training, has led me to develop the kind of one-to-one therapy that is personal to each client and each clients needs.

Taking the first steps into therapy; looking at who you are and what’s going on in your life, can be hard, especially when you’re struggling…. asking yourself if you need a helping hand in being happier in your own skin and facing the reality of life is sometimes equally as hard.

Would you like some help and support in a non-judgemental environment to deal with underlying issues that leave you feeling down and have an impact on your everyday life?

• Taking the first step is always the hardest part.

• Picking up the phone, or sending an email and asking for help takes braveness.

So… “let me, help you, help yourself” take the first steps to walk a path not yet trodden, so you can move forward in your life…



The Readers Turn...

I would like to start by saying say how much I really do appreciate the feedback I get from my blog and Village Living Magazine readers about the articles I write. And as I sit here looking out of my kitchen window at the ever-changing autumn view in front of me, I ponder on what to write about for this November article… With the season changing and so much having gone on since the last article I wrote, it’s not as though I am ever lost for words and always have something to write about relating to life or therapy. However, in my

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I am a regular client of Holly Simmonds and from the outset of our professional relationship I felt instantly at ease with her, she has a very warm & friendly demeanour.

This really enabled the necessary trust relationship needed with a therapist to be established very easily. I received a professional & thorough consultation with Holly and was very easily put into a hypnotic state, the results of her services have been truly amazing, life changing and transformational for me and I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much!*****

L.Wilkinson. Haywards Heath.